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Siemens DIUN2 Card Part No. S30810-Q2196-X-7

Condition: Refurbished

Description: Digital Interface Unit ISDN module (DIUN2) for Siemens HiPath 3800 & 4000 System.

Part Number: S30810-Q2196-X-7

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The Digital Interface Unit ISDN module (DIUN2) for HiPath 4000, implements two Primary Access (PMA)-interfaces S2, in accordance with CCITT : Incoming block signals of the lines 0 and 1. Transfer Rate: 2048 kbit/s, Encoding: HDB3 outgoing block signals of the signaling channel and 1 signaling channel per line.

These boards are designed to connect to public and private E1 networks and subscribers. Also, the boards fulfill the Nx64Kbit feature. The DIU-N2 has two/four line-interfaces (ports). If the LTUW shelf use the LTUCX board, then the DIU-N2 can choose between the old or the new PCM highways. If the LTUW shelf use the LTUCE board, then the DIU-N2 is connected to the old PCM highways.

Suitable for below Hipath System

  • HiPath 4000
  • HiPath 3800

Following features are available:

  • DIUN2 2 ports
  • Fiber optical interface
  • 75 Ohm copper interface
  • 120 Ohm copper interface
  • Receive clock recovery for network mode on all ports


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