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Polycom 9′ HDCI Camera Cable 2457-23180-003

Polycom Codec to Camera 3 Mtrs. (10 ft) (2457-23180-003) HDCI (M) to HDCI (M) 3m camera cable for eagle eye HD/II/III connection to Polycom HDX & real presence Group series, 2nd HDX HDCI input requires external power supply (1465-52748-040) Limited Support for Eagle eye View camera (Video &control, no audio

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Polycom 2457-23180-003 HDCI Analog Eagle Eye Camera Cable
Polycom HDCI Analog Eagle Eye Camera Cable Item # 2457-23180-003 The Polycom 2457-23180-003 is a HDCI analog Eagle Eye camera cable. This cable connects the Polycom HDX system to the Polycom Eagle Eye camera. This cable has a male HDCI connector on each end. 2457-23180-003 Features: HDCI Analog Eagle Eye Camera Cable Proprietary I/O Cable 10 ft in Length 2 HDCI (M) Connectors


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